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How likely is it that CHINA Trolls are on YAHOO to instigate AMERICANS against AMERICAN with their FAKE Questions? ?

Will YAHOO Shadow Ban this Question? Will YAHOO limit it’s availability? Hummmm..  Thoughts? 

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    Yahoo doesn't have shadow ban. That is a Reddit thing. However, there is no doubt both Chinese and DNC agents are working here to influence the election against President Trump.

    The comment sections in the articles were filled with disagreement on the liberal propaganda being pushed. Yahoo took that away to allow free flow of propaganda.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    If they shadow ban your question just switch it to another category and then switch it back to the one you tried to put it in and it will show up.  If they try to shadow ban your answer refresh the page go to the main section and come back to the question and edit your answer by adding or taking away a character and then it will show up. If they suspend your account make 25 new ones. Yahoo will give up on trying to censor your trolling once they see how determined you are.

    Source(s): Lolly is a chlnk.
  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    China is the new Soros.

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