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In The Sarah Jane Adventures episode The Gift Part 2. What happens to the aliens at the end form start to finish ?

So like in the episode near the end what like happend to them from start to finish so like explaine everything that happend to them from start to finish at the end to the aliens. 

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    Part 2

    As the Rakweed spores head toward Luke and Sarah Jane, Mr Smith reveals a powerful extractor fan behind his screen and removes the spores from the attic. Rani and Clyde attempt escape from the school where the Rakweed is taking over, but it becomes harder when they find Rakweed growing indoors as well as outdoors. Sarah Jane follows the transporter trace of the Blathereen to Antarctica, where she threatens them with a water gun loaded with vinegar. The Blathereen then apologise and announce that they will remove the Rakweed crop, claiming they never meant for it to go out of control. Unfortunately, this is revealed to be a trick and Sarah Jane is captured by the Blathereen, who reveal that they are from a mixed marriage of Slitheen-Blathereen. She also learns that they are addicted to the Rakweed, on which they are gorging themselves and intend to use the Earth to continue farming it.

    Meanwhile, Rani, Clyde and K9 are still attempting to escape from the Rakweed and its spores. Just when they find a window big enough for them to squeeze through, a nearby Rakweed plant unleashes its spores, but just before it strikes Rani and Clyde, the school bell starts ringing, destroying the Rakweed. They then realise that the Rakweed's weakness is loud noise, which disrupts its communication signals and prevents it from growing, thus killing it instantly.

    After escaping from the Blathereen, Sarah Jane returns to find Luke on the brink of unconsciousness. With no time to lose, Sarah Jane makes contact with Clyde, Rani and K9 and after explaining the Rakweed's weakness, they decide to use Mr Smith and K9 to activate all sound-producing devices in the area at the loudest possible frequency. K9 gives Mr Smith the frequency for the school bell and within seconds, all bells, alarms, radios and car alarms go off and the loudness ultimately destroys all the Rakweed.

    Luke is immediately cured and Sarah Jane is relieved to see him well again. Rani and Clyde return with K9 and they come clean about Clyde's attempts to use K9 for cheating on the biology exam. Sarah Jane tells Clyde that he does not need to cheat and needs to have more faith in his own abilities. Enraged at their plans being ruined, the Blathereen teleport to the attic and threaten to destroy everyone. Mr Smith generates the same frequency, destroying the partially digested Rakweed in their stomachs. The resultant build-up of methane gas in the Blathereens' stomachs causes them to explode. Clyde is then told to clean up the mess and they all later celebrate with a barbecue.

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