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Can I redeem myself in getting revenge on Scorpio man by showing him I don’t care anymore or is it too late?

I’m an Aries woman so I can get hot headed fast but what I said was what I truly felt and I don’t regret being honest. We just started dating and we did have sex pretty fast. There was a intense sexual attraction, I don’t regret it. My issue comes in where when he contacts me I respond and that’s what he expects. He contacts me and wants a conversation. When I contact him he barely responds and if he does it’s a day or 2 later or I have to complain and then he’ll respond. And to me I’m looking pathetic and desperate. If I get irritated about it he wants to apologize and wants me to still want him. but then does it again. He was always the one begging to see me and talking about it’s the best he’s ever had, blah blah. So I sent a handful of texts telling him how I felt including that I didn’t want him sexually anymore this time and he thinks cause I’m inexperienced that I was gonna deal with it. I blew up his phone but I stopped, is there a way to get revenge? Will being nonchalant from now on do anything or is it too late? I had initially bought him a gift prior to this and I decided to let him still receive it in the mail, it comes with including a free note, what could I say?


@choko_canyon I didn’t mean actually revenge I worded it poorly, after blowing up his phone telling him how I felt I was saying can I redeem myself from that and show him I don’t care and I can do fine without him, and I am ending it I just wanted to show him that. 

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    You do care because you are willing to put energy into showing him you don’t. Now you are frantic for him to give you a meaning in his life. Apparently, you became emotionally attached (many females do) and he did not (males take much longer, despite the sex), that is because men and women are different in how they process hooking up and having sex so soon after meeting. 

    You have nothing else to show him or prove if he is history, count that as a life experience and move on. Give it Zero energy and detach. 

    Have a good day 

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    Showing him you don't care would be not contacting him anymore. Nothing would be more pathetic than for you to be blowing up his phone to tell him how you "don't" care. 

    Your problem is, you gave it up too soon.  Thing with Scorpios is, despite everyone thinking they are just sex, sex, sex all the time, they actually want deep long lasting relationships. So to put it bluntly, if you are acting like a THOT in the beginning,  that's all you'll be to them. 

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    You’re using astrology for making excuses and avoiding personal responsibility. Blaming a calendar date for how you and others are interacting.

    Did you get a science and critical thinking education in school? Or magic and superstition? Do you use tarot cards to make decisions?

    Grow up and embrace reality. We’re in the entertainment section. The long stories are fun to read. But we don’t know you and really don’t care.

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    Lesson learned.. Just learn from it and move on and be sure it doesn't happen again. And learn the thought process so you can get over it faster if it does happen again. Try keeping friends around for emotional support. Who can help heal you and be sure they never leave your side. Unless they to are toxic or something and out of line and don't care about your best interest. You should stay away from people like that who are abusive and toxic. I mean even if it's just verbally. Nobody wants that or needs that and they should be avoided. Because it could eventually ruin your self confidence and keep you trapt with abusive toxic pos people like that. They could potentially ruin you. And if you are at that point in your life and crossroads where you could potentially find somebody way better for you who cares about you and loves you and has your best interest. Should be a good goal. Only people who have low self esteem try to go around impressing strangers who you shouldn't care to try and impress. People who are your real friends won't except anything from you. And break you down instead of build you up. And so on.. 

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    1. No idea wtf you're babbling about or why you want revenge

    2. What do you need to 'redeem yourself' from or about?

    3. If you're not happy with this relationship, why don't you just end it instead of playing adolescent games? Just STOP contacting him or responding to his contact. Stop. Move the hell on.

    If you want to show him that you don't care anymore and have moved on, stop trying so hard. Just stop contacting him. Drop it. Trust me, he'll get the message.

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