What’s the percentage of me dying in my sleep?

I know I already asked this before and I’m so sorry. All I ask is everyone to be patient with me because I don’t mean to do this. For the others who don’t know, I suffer with anxiety. 

and my dumb self stumbled on an online article that You can die in your sleep. I tried telling my brain that I’m okay because I know for a fact that I have no diseases or problems, my family’s medical history has no problems and yesterday I went to the doctors and they monitored my heart rate, checked my heart and lungs and they said that everything was okay. If it helps people, my age is 18 and my weight is 331 but I’m changing my diet and doing exercise. So what is this the percentage of me dying in my sleep? Is it rare? Once again I’m very sorry for the double questioning, it’s just when my anxiety kicks into high gear there’s no stopping it. I really appreciate everyone’s answers and their patience, I really do. 

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