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Do Australian aborigines have a different evolutionary pathway since being cut off 15,000 years ago by the rising seas?

What advantages and /or disadvantages do they have due to this, in DNA, health etc


You’re actually totally wrong if you think no changes happen in 15,000 years. 

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    All humans on earth have the same basic DNA.  Even Apes have very similar DNA to humans and there are only a couple differences between their DNA and Human DNA. The Aboriginals travelled over land to Australia from Asia when the oceans were locked up in polar ice during the ice age and they could largely walk down what is now Indonesia through New Guinea and into Australia they believe about 50,000 years ago.

      The ice age finished about 10,000 years ago so they were not totally isolated until about that time when the ice stared to melt and the oceans began to rise again cutting Australia off from the rest of the world.  The isolation meant the aboriginals did not suffer the devastating diseases and plagues suffered in other countries until the arrival of Europeans in The late 18th century.  The aboriginals suffered badly as white man's diseases were introduced to Australia.  Some unscrupulous Europeans would actually collect plague ridden blankets and distribute them to aboriginals to wipe them out as they had no natural immunity to these new diseases and the Europeans would take over their lands when the tribes were wiped out by disease.

      Before white man the Aboriginals had learned to live off land that no other peoples could have survived on.  Europeans would just see desert with no food or water, but the aboriginals had evolved their skills in this tough country where they could see food and water that Europeans could not see.

      As I said all human DNA is basically the same but likely some traits did seem to become common and we see this throughout the world as different races.  Some say the Aboriginal flatter nose was an adaption to help keep the desert dust out of their nostrils.  Likely the dark skin was a development of them living in a very hot sunny country whereas the Europeans went to colder less sunny country and their skin lightened to be able to absorb more vitamin D (Sunlight).  

      The Aboriginals are a very resilient people who survived off country even today no white man wants to claim.  It is a pity white man treated them so badly and in some places tried to wipe them out as if they were feral pests reducing them from a proud people to a people who these days find they have been reduced to what for many aboriginals they see themselves as a 2nd class people with less employment opportunities or rights to lead a first world life.  Many aboriginals have shown with good education and opportunities they are quiet a capable people.

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    The ancestors of present-day Aboriginal Australians migrated from Asia by sea during the Pleistocene era and lived over large sections of the Australian continental shelf when the sea levels were lower and Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea were part of the same landmass. As sea levels rose, the people on the Australian mainland and nearby islands became increasingly isolated, and some were isolated on Tasmania and some of the smaller offshore islands when the land was inundated at the start of the Holocene, the inter-glacial period which started about 11,700 years ago and persists today. Studies regarding the genetic makeup of Aboriginal groups are still ongoing, but evidence has suggested that they have genetic inheritance from ancient Asian but not more modern peoples, share some similarities with Papuans, but have been isolated from Southeast Asia for a very long time.

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    Eisbär and others will be interested to know that DNA evidence points to the probability that the Australian aborigines are probably the most primitive of all the hominids to have left Africa.  I heard that on the news just a couple of days ago.  Sorry can't site the source as I didn't write it down.  But I suspect some web site browsing will find mention of it.

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    Not so sure about Australian aborigines but Melanesians have more Denisovian DNA on average in their genome than any other ethnic group and are also carrying DNA of an unknown archaic hominid species yet to be identified.

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    in case you didn't realize evolution stopped LONG before humans got here. we are currently in a state of de-evolution. of collapse, not expansion. 

    much like the universe.

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