Why are Hong Kong names Western but their surnames are Eastern?

Why are Hong Kong names Western but their surnames are Eastern? Are they hybrid, half western and half eastern? like jacki chan /rosamond kowan

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  • 2 months ago

    Any Hong Kong people that you meet will have the usual three Chinese names AND - usually but not always - a "western" name that they use in western contexts.

    Often they choose western names that include some element that they consider lucky or auspicious; that's why there are quite a lot of "Winston"s and "Richie"s. Flower names are considered good too.

  • Ludwig
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    2 months ago

    They are Christian names.

  • John
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    2 months ago

    Fashion, and the British having been the people who built Hong Kong.  I worked with a guy whose parents were Hong Kong Chinese, he said they usually choose names they find easy to pronounce.  

    Also it allows more variation, and if you notice many Chinese surnames are very similar and limited in number so Dave Lee, and Andy Lee are not confused, with Wai Lee.  

    Also female 'English' forenames are seen as exotic, hence Charlotte, Lily, Cherry and Catherine being so popular.

    Plus Politics, it quietly sticks two fingers (in UK the V sign can be very dirty) or a single middle finger up at the Chinese mainland Government (CCP), saying I am an independent Hong Konger, not a brain washed Mainlander under the rule of CCP :-))) 

  • Phil
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    2 months ago

    Jackie Chan is not his name, it is his stage name.

    His real name is his Chinese name, Fong Si-lung.

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  • gerald
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    2 months ago

    Yes Mark you are correct Hong Kong was a part of China till the British took it over and made it their financial capital for the far east, so much of it is British built British business men and their families built most of it of course it was mostly Chinese they intigrated with , in Ireland the British took over the northern part there is now a large part British descentants they have irish accents they talk and look Irish and are represented in the English government and are called the DUP look them up you are not ignorant and very observant you will do ok if you ignore the trolls 

  • Andrew
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    2 months ago

    It's impossible to tell whether questions like this one are asked by astoundingly ignorant people or people who are incredibly mistaken in believing that anyone might find this type of nonsense the least bit humorous. Most Western names cannot be rendered accurately in Chinese characters. People called "Alexander", "Benjamin", or "Christopher" would have a difficult time in life as they'd be forced to navigate through the Hell of dealing with having a name that cannot be rendered accurately in Chinese characters. Imagine if your parents had bestowed a Khosa name unto you that could not be expressed phonetically using the Roman Alphabet. People from Hong Kong who are of Chinese descent occasionally adopt a Western name as a stage name, as do people from all over the world who wish to enter the worldwide entertainment industry which is largely geared toward the Western market. Jackie Chan was not born with the given name "Jackie." It's also common for people all over the world who deal with Westerners on a regular basis to adopt a Western name - travel to any tourist destination in Vietnam or Thailand and you will meet plenty of people offering guided tours, working in pubs and restaurants and hotels and driving taxis who call themselves "Jimmy" or "Pete" for no reason other than that Westerners are more at ease dealing with people who go by a name that's familiar and easily pronounceable.  

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