Im being abuse in terrorist manner by ex, and his legion of him. im consider to contact FBI about it. but dont want them to incredulize me. ?

i had  outstanding life of abuse. first felon on me by family who think they are immune to laws and abuse me if i try to open my mouth and sister who wants to copy y life have it and undermine me. i was the one to see through sociopaths. i suffered munchausen by proxy just coming out of first year honors no issues art school. i manage to come home better. my father did this as  sick form of protection. it lead to 11 years of abuse and terror, more when i ran nito nyc and drs who were told to diagnose me with the sickness my fatehr invented . i could have lost my life but endured an escape 11 years of it electrocution and more. then a target individual and escape. my recovery took 24 years but i was a artistic honor student and did it in a master work to not show my suffering. i knew murder was go happen after i cut off the family adn the sister is leader of dysfunction and i escape them back to my reallife and rising. she did not do much but abuse insult and humilate block me out control me for 15 years and ignore what wsa happen and then i escape and was rising up as a stronger person than her and smarter.  i was winged monkey , all way up in abusers an then four years ago after the violent one a punk pimp who also did not fool or rule me, had a plot and to find a way to crack me . i aslo knew my sister andsomeone hd to do with all of them and i was to smart for the game. i was death punched and then for four years reversed adn left brain damage and in abuse. silenced to die

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