ex bf punks and sister sociopath abuse should i contact FBI?

I had to endure my family who think they are privelaged to abuse and murder for years. i escape them years ago and it took me 24 years to overcome the tortures and damage to me. i was one lucky person to get a new life second shot and wanted to keep that. idid for 24 years and knew as i was rising up to over them all and all my abusers and winged monkeys sent to abuse me sexual assault insult and other failed thinking they had it go on did not. i was risin gup and knew that a set up i saw would end my life and walked around it. tied to it was a few ex, who failed to break or jilt me, and a man they were going to use also to play that cheap game. i was to wise and walked around them all. i was unbroken free and healthy still despite i had to over come a life . when the person who was no invited into my space made up his own reality that i was there alone wanting him and he moved when he did it lead to a fatal set up reaction plotted and i was medicaly in a meditation to keep fixing what i had to keep fix. when he set my life out of balance into hell drag me in down insult me and then i was made a p uppet of torture and abuse while my sister who was put back in my life after 25 years sat like scar in lion king, i see on internet now as she played dumb that i would die and was left mute brain damage being murder in streets left helpless. to cater to a sick mother who abuse me and brag show off her insight into stroke of which she ignored me while i began to die. call FBI?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes,you should contact the police and FBI.

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