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why do people justify discriminating against pedofiles because of their attraction?

is't it wrong to hurt people who have not hurt others just because of what they are attracted to?

"adults can consent is not relevant here because even if they couldn't wouldn't it still be wrong to hurt them because of the actions of others?"

" like it is wrong to treat everyone with a rape fantasy like rapisits just because of the fact they are aroused by it right?"

"wanting to rape some one is just as much of a compulsion as the attraction to children so people with that fatasy are just as dangerus as pedos but we don't treat them like monsters for existing because of their compulsion because its wrong to do so right?

i mean i could be wrong about why hurting people who have not hurt others because they have a trait they can't remove would be wrong please let me know is hurting people because they could cause harm right?


 i learned something new today i did not know what the word for becoming arroused by murder is thank you.

but the question is why do they justify descrimination against the person FOR haveing the attraction as i though it was wrong to do so and am double checking.

Update 2:

the  DSM5 lables it as a sexual prefferance, and sexual prefferance is the same thing as sexual oreintation, if your going to rant at least anwer the question also.

its an attraction discrimination because of attraction alone is wrong right so why do we justify it?

Update 3:

" a non offending pedofile is a pedofile who has never acted on the attraction in any way,there are pedo's who have never done so just like there are non pedos who have raped kids"

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  • Zirp
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    2 months ago
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    Because demagogues and sensationalist media pretend that paedophile and childmolester are synonyms

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    " 1.} pedophilia is what the medical comunity and the FBI claim it is and they both call it an unhealthy sexual oreintaion which is why i did."

    "2.} regardless of what you call it the question is the same if it is wrong to discriminate against some one because of their sexual prefferance ALONE then why do we justify doing so with pedofiles?"

    "3.} the claim there is no pedofile who has not acted on their urges is blaintatly false the fbi would not have a special word they use for pedofiles who molested if pedofiles were the only ones that do."

    "4.} a pdf file that can be found by looking up child molesters a behavoiral analysis- fbi on google, has a quote from the FBI "most pedofiles live their whole life and never molest a child so if the FBI stats show some don't offend then i am beliving them over some one going off of their biase about a group of people who are hated for existing"

    the question is,

    why do we justify discrimination against pedofiles for simply having the attraction isn't it wrong to hurt some one who has not hurt some one else because of a trait they can't choose not to have?

    some one please answer this as i may have misunderstood and we are allowed to discriminate against people because of something that is not harmful,"ATTRACTION IS NOT HARMFUL ACTION IS"

    so i am trying to verify if i can hate and hurt people because of their attractions alone.

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    2 months ago

    being a pedophile is NOT illegal. ACTING ON IT is illegal.

    likewise, being a splanchnophile is not illegal. but killing people to get the arousal IS illegal.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    This is all bullsh!t. Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. That's a lie they tell to get sympathy. There are no such things as "non-offending" pedophiles.

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  • 2 months ago

    No it isn't.

    That's a sickness.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    well you are right there haveing rape fantasies and having an attraction to children are the same in every way.

    they are both paraphilias and types of mental disorders.

    pedophilic disorder,biatophilic disorder.

    they both cause the sufferer to have arrousal patterns that if acted on will hurt others,the arrousl patterns in both cause compulsions that are hard to treat and control.

    and they are both wrong to feel because they can't be acted on without causeing harm.

    " rape play,is just as bad as age play you should not want to do that to some one it is wrong to simulate it"

    "giving a rapist the ability to use anime or a sex doll has the same ammount of evidence it will lead to rape as giveing a pedo thoses things does 0 but we should still punish both for doing so"

    i don't know when we got the bright idea it  was ok to normalize wanting to rape people and to let them act like their fantasies are normal.

    i'd also like to point out the majority of wemon fantasize about "being raped" which is a completely differant illness. the majority of people who fantasize about "rapeing people" are men.

    yes it is wrong to discriminate against people for things they could do but not wrong to treat them like could.

    it is a neecssary evil that we treat all people with rape urges and pedofilic desires like they are going to rape because saftey of those who are not a threat is more important then the deisre of those who may be not to be hurt.

    if homosexuality was an attraction to murdering the same sex sexually we would have a right to treat them lesser because they exist because in that case they are.

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