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Necrophilia/Splanchnophilia - help?

So, I am a 21 year old female who has been in a healthy relationship for about 4 years now. I carry guilt with me, the feeling I will never be like anybody else, nobody would be able to ever fully understand me, and some days I'm not even quite sure i'm human. 

I've come to terms with the fact that I am not easily aroused by my partner whom I love dearly, but rather intestines, blood, autopsies- the exposure and the thought of cold skin. I feel horrible? I've been through therapy and I've told them i'm depressed and sometimes feel violent towards others, but never could I spit out "I am a necrophiliac"I mean, am I? It's not like I've actually acted out on these things- I'm not looking for a label or anything I just wish I could get the uh, "release"? -without hurting anybody. I'm extremely picky. It's effort for me to be satisfied.I'll admit to viewing gore websites and usually female autopsies for pleasure, and sometimes my own fiance asks if I could use a "fix" when It's clear I've not been "in the mood" for days, weeks. It causes me to blush like some f**ke'd up schoolgirl when he asks- Like I finally feel accepted and don't have to hide.. I'm just, frustrated. It's never enough, it wont ever be enough, but I know better. I usually turn him down anyways. There's too much shame.If there's any other sick puppies out there, what would you do? How do you fend off these urges? I don't want to be the next big thing on the news.I need help. I feel like an evil liar, every day.

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    being sexually excited by these things may not be normal, but it is understandable that you could find such rare things "exciting".

    however, being aroused by them, and letting that arousal control you and make you want to do illegal things (like Jeffrey Dahmer did) are two different things. you MUST be in control of yourself at ALL TIMES! if you ever fear you are not, you should seek psychiatric help AT ONCE! for the sake of yourself and others...

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    2 months ago

    You have an issue.

    Tell your therapist.

    He can help.

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    2 months ago

    well one you need to tell your therapist that your a necrophile as there is treatment for it.

    two your not lieing to your partner by not telling them you have an undiagnosed disorder.

    three you should not be trying in anyway to satify the urges you should be trying to contain and control them.

    the attraction to dead people is just as wrong as an attraction to animals,rape and children and you should be seeking to find out why you developed it rather then acting like it is normal and just trying to satisfy it.

    what you are doing is the same thing a pedo does when they watch cp they think because their not touching the child their not doing anything wrong. they are and so are you.

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