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Did trump pick Pence as running mate because he is white and male?

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    He picked Pence because he just worships the ground that Trump walks on. Remember when Pence drank water because trump did at an oval office meeting?

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    Vice President Pence would be an asset to anyone running for office.  He is a man of integrity, disciplined and with a good understanding of many fields of knowledge, but his greatest asset is that he is a man of God.  I believe the Lord picked him for President Trump.  They make a marvelous team.

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    Trump picked him because he performed well in the Primaries and didn't badmouth Trump while doing so.

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    I'm sure that didn't hurt, but he mainly chose him because nobody would want 'President Pence', so he was kind of like a 'bullet shield'.

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    He was governor of Indiana, a place also well known for KKK marches. An exemplary white nationalist. Christian. Pristine reputation. Likable. Loyal. Sweet.

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    6 months ago

    Yes, and since pence doesn't use that tanning stuff, he knew pence wouldn't be trying to borrow his.

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