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Giving a girl a poem?

I have this girl that I've known for a few years. We've been friends and stopped talking for a while after going to college. But now that I've been seeing her again I just can't help but feel as though I've fallen for her. I'm not very good at expressing my feelings to people but I've written a poem for her that I feel expresses them adequately. In the poem I also addressed the fact she might not feel the same and I accept that she might not. But I'll share the poem and please let me know what you think!

The universe created a girl,

With sky blue eyes and golden hair and skin,

Being around her is its own paradise,

If she were a star she'd be brighter than the moon,

Afraid I am to tell her how I feel,

The feeling of butterfly's and joy when she's around,

When we speak its as if I get a taste of heaven,

Dare I confess this truth to you,

Feelings that may not align with yours,

But here I am writing this for you.

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    You may not become a poet laureate, but it is a sweet poem.  If this was Feb. I would suggest ending it with "Be my Valentine".

    Might be the most romantic thing she has experienced.

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