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How effective is an VPN at keeping you from being monitored by government officials?

I've heard that VPNs makes it entirely impossible for them to be able to monitor your online activities. How effective is an VPN at keeping them from monitoring you on the internet ?

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    It's a dilemma for the govt either to restrict or allowing vpn to provide service.

    It could help general citizens to access anything they want, uncensored, unrestricted. Usually, govt have something that they don't want their citizens to see if they use vpn.

    But on the other hand, vpn usage in bigger corporations to protect their companies' data in the said country couldn't be neglected, or they won't invest more if no data safety guarantee.

    Just one example of why is it not illegal in some countries.

    Try vpn proxy master if you need one. It has a good reputation because been in the industry for years.

    Here some of the aspects you need to consider when you are choosing which provider you will trust your data.

    1. Its log policy- it must be have no log policy so it won't save any of your online activities.

    Just in case they asked by the government to hand the users' data, they will have nothing.

    2. Stable and good speed- no need further explanation on this part.

    3. Data encryption- since the purpose of VPN is to protect you, it must have a bank-level encryption to ensure that your data is safe.

    4. No bandwidth limit- to make sure you don't have to think about how much data you have used while enjoying your content or doing your work online.

    No-log policy, good and stable connection, AES 256 bit encryption, no bandwidth limit.

    Been years using vpn proxy master.

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    Not very and stop asking this question over and over.  There are a small handful of knowledgeable people who answer questions on this forum.  Personally I've grown weary of this question.

    Nothing you do on the Internet is 100% anonymous, stop asking.

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    uh, not at all. the government does not actively monitor peoples' activity unless you are under investigation. and if that is the case, they will have warrants, and will force the VPN to give up ALL your web history. ironically, it would be LESS easy to track you if all the data was on your computer, as you could wipe it.

    what's worse is, in case you don't know what a VPN is, it is a remote connection from your PC to a remote network, to make it like you are right there. and if you don't know the person running that network, you don't know, they could be hacking into your PC while you are out.VPN is just the latest buzzword for companies to make money with. VPNs are useful, but only for businesses to use for remote access to work from workers' homes.

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    No effect at all in the US and UK, etc.

    Homeland Security had Microsoft design Windows 10 for easy access.

    That is why everyone was more/less forced into Win 10

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