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Idk what to do with my super oily skin. HELP?

I went to hospital and saw my doctors and they prescribed me acne medication such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but these products only make my skin even oilier. These product does clear up my acne but definitely not my oil on my skin. I’m 19 yrs old rn and I literally don’t know what to do. Anyone got recommendations or anything? I still get acne so I continued to use my benzoyl peroxide n salicylic acid, but how can I make my face less oily. I produce oil everywhere even my hair get super oily within 2 or 3 days. Any recommendations cuz people always say teenager produce a lot of oil but I’m already 19. 


And yeah, I am using moisturizer and all my products are oil-free. So I don’t know why I’m producing so much oil on my face and scalp. It always make me look so shiny and have acne on top of that. This is just annoying 

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  • 5 months ago

    I'm in my early twenties and I do still get acne mostly on my face, neck, back and arms. It's not nearly as bad compared to when I was in highschool, but it can be a pain in the back side having oily skin! If I don't wash my skin at least twice a day with anti acne foams/wash then I will get breakouts. All I can say is find a medication that works for you and a product that helps you out with those breakouts. Witch Hazel helped with the redness but that's all it did. I also have a habit of popping them which is not good!

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