Best RJ11 to RJ45 female to female converter in INDIA?

I need it for my telephone internet connection. I have a ADSL2+ modem + router which is old of sorts. Need to buy a new one which is wifi 6 compliant AX one but none exist for ADSL so was looking for an adapter or converter. 

1 Answer

  • BigE
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    You don't change the wire.  You don't change the connection.  You add a compliant router either as an Access Point or a daisy chained router.  BTW, ax is relatively new, I'd stick with ac because there aren't many things that can use it.

    As an Access Point, it acts as a switch.  You connect it LAN to LAN to your existing router and turn off DHCP and other things.  Lots of routers even have a config tab that you just turn on.  Using this way, you just extend your network, and things on your old router should have no problem to access things on the new AP, since it is the same network.

    The other is just plug it in LAN to WAN and add the new router.  This creates 2 networks, so making things talk to each other is hard, like a wifi printer because this stop things like printer discovery.

    Either will work.

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