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This is on the wall in my apartment bedroom. What is it? Is it paint, what is it?

It was not here when we moved in. There was a leak in the bathroom but this is in my son's room. 

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    assume the bathroom wall is the other side.. moisture made the joint mud run

    this is just cosmetic

    but in the wall moisture trapped could create mold.. Mold is bad but easy to get rid of --  since the "plaster" needs fixed I would cut a 17 in wide stud to stud 10 in tall square out to look inside and spray mold remover ,, the piece cut out can be screwed back up and fixed at the same time the joint mud is fixed  

    this is in the paint section of home depot is a real great product you use it once and mold will not return .... it is safe none chemical and the enzymes eat the mold 

    never use bleach on mold 

    note you can ask the landlord to fix it,, I would not tell anyone in authority (government)  they will force you to move out for 6 months at least --  and this is a 2 hour fix and this spray is the right thing to use (other brands exist) I just like this one,,, there is also a foam my BIL loved same brand 

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    It is paint pealing and needs drywall repair. 

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