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Did you know, so called Journalists are in a tough spot. ?

They are forced to write stories that only their masters tell them to wrote about. They are not allowed tho thinks freely.  I feel sorry for them....  If they try to say something they are fired. 


Sorry about typos..  * write ,  * to

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    Yes I do feel sorry for the Investigative Journalists that sometimes put their own lives in danger, when finding proof that influential (wealthy) people are breaking laws and getting away with it.  I don't think they get paid enough for doing their job.  I'm not talking about the 'Journalists' that write 'silly/nonsense' stories about Celebrities or biased Journalists that are paid by a Political Party.

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    Perhaps they have grammar similar to yours which is why they end up working for fake news sites like Yahoo. 

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    Still feeling sore about the comments section being removed, eh?

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