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why the world doesn't end?

I want to world end why we have all we need to destroy our self and also we are as crazy as the joker even dictators are as crazy as the joker why? why don't we bring the end of the world? why god just end everything we are living no attach in this world why? let the world born, please. I can't end my self so everybody does it for everybody else like me do it please kill the world. 

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  • Marli
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    5 months ago

    You have asked this question at least three times.  

    If and when God wishes to end life on earth, that's His prerogative as its creator.  It is not our right to end it. 

    You have no right to kill other people.  You have no right to harm yourself, but it is your decision if you do it.   You alone are responsible.  You must bear the consequences of your actions. You have no right to plead with anyone to kill you.

    Put your mask on.  Take a walk and enjoy the summer or winter sunshine.

    Call a crisis center. Do not involve anyone else if you attempt to kill yourself.  That will be loaded on you.

    Get psychiatric help. Stop whining and stop spamming. 

  • ?
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    5 months ago

    Sounds like you need serious help. The Earth is eternal which idiots like you don’t understand because you want it to end which is not going to happen. This “god” character is all in your delusional mind and you fail to show physical evidence that your imaginary friend exists. The natural world will always be around. We are all going to pass away in our own time and everyone has the right to live their life which you have a problem with but that’s your loss.

  • Adam
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    5 months ago

    Well we are doing a great job prematurely destroying the earth so sit right, I recon we have under 500 years left.

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