Parents: would u allow your 17 year old daughter to date a 26 year old man...friend's Mom is fine with it...other parents think she's nuts?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    No. The age of consent is 18 in my state, so that would be illegal here - but even if it was legal, I wouldn’t allow it. 9 years isn’t a huge gap if both are adults, but when one is a teen, 9 years is too big of a gap.

  • mikey
    Lv 4
    2 months ago

    17 is no child and very soon to be 18. She can easily see him behind parents backs.Anything a parent would do would just push them together more. Reality is you never know which person your son/daughter dates becomes your son/daughter-in-law. At 17 time to cut the apron strings.

  • Jill
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    A 17 year old girl would most likely still date him in secret if her parents didn't approve. Where I live the age of consent is 16 so he wouldn't be breaking the law. 

  • 2 months ago

    Absolutely not. I would be calling the police immediately.

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