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Has my dentist failed me? UK advice please?


So I had a "root canal" when I was 18 after a terrible toothache. As far as I was concerned they said they fixed it.

7 yrs later my tooth started aching again so I had to get another R C. They advised me at the time that the previous dentist (not the same) had left in metal rods they should not have done.

Meanwhile, during the whole time since I was 18, (i'm now 36) my tooth always bled and I formed 2 lumps on the cheek and gum above my said tooth I've noticed over the last few years and I've ignored because it was always at a slight glance and I put it down to paranoia. 

The last year no doubt and especially the last 6 months, my cheek on the side of the root canal is a different shape than my other. 

My mother said 2 months ago is there something wrong with my face!

I went to the dentist mid Covid 2 weeks ago. Spent a fortune and the dentist tried to tell me I was being paranoid and was probably because I slept on it wrong, I might notice my face different when I wake up. 

She also said my previous root canal (which they actually did) is starting to fail as they can see a shadow. (i went to them 3 years b4 with the same worry.) That the root canal was making my face a different shape and they said there was nothing wrong.

Now my cheek the last 2 days is now twitching.

Question is, (sorry for being long) is anyone at fault 4 not fixing my tooth properly? 

They're now saying it's going to cost me £800+ for a re root canal! I cant afford this large sum at once. :(

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  • k w
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    2 months ago

    sorry you didn't know and went to a Quack dentist, they deceived me as well....root canals are unhealthy, cuz they flake off dead cells into the blood.....see a Biological dentist they are better trained, AND they removed mine after I learned they were unhealthy....use yelp dot com to find one nearest you and get a consultation.....

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