How do you get a law changed in your state?

I had a court date today due to my daughter's insurance from her Father. The insurance is court ordered through child support. Problem with the insurance is that it's out of pocket expense is a financial burden. $3500 out of pocket.My daughter had to be seen for mental health issues which has pulled up to $1500 so far and her therapy is ongoing. The insurance I had her on was better for my income ;however no other insurance could be active. Her father's insurance conflicts with the one I had for her. Due to the financial struggle I filed a motion to have his insurance removed but the judge only ordered for him to help with the cost. They kept saying the law requires the absent parent to provide medical coverage.

That decision to split cost doesn't help me. That still leaves me paying $1000 so far on my end alone. I needed the judge to have him unobligated to provide medical insurance so that I could continue her on the one she has. She is in need of in home therapy and her father's insurance does not cover it! No point in having this insurance. My only choice now is to drop the child support. He is good to her , he and his wife, and will continue to pay without order. 

I want this dreadful experience to have a turn around for other single mothers. I have read where other states allow the parent to not have to provide coverage if it is a financial strain on the other parent. I reside in North Carolina. Who would I need to write to get this law reviewed and revised? 

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  • 2 months ago

    You would write to your member of the North Carolina General Assembly (state senator and representative).

  • 2 months ago

    Is the other coverage actual INSURANCE?

    Or is it medicaid?  Medicaid is NOT insurance.  It's government sponsored healthcare, it's WELFARE.  A court would NEVER allow a parent to use medicaid when there is actual insurance available.

    There is NO LAW that requires the absent parent to provide health insurance.

    There is A LAW that requires the child have health insurance instead of medicaid if one/both of the parent's income is too high for welfare.

    You can't "drop" this; saying you don't want child support will not change this.

    -- the tax payers do not pay for health treatment when a parent can cover the cost.

    If you are actually paying for health insurance, you are allowed to provide your own health insurance coverage for your child.  There is no problem with your child to have two insurance plans. Many parents do this when employer based coverage is inexpensive. 

    Your child might need in-patient treatment, which the father's insurance will cover.

    Your child DOES NOT NEED in home treatment. 

    You made a child.  It's your responsibility to support your child.  Get a 2nd job, better job whatever to pay for the costs of your child. 

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