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Fedex & iphone?

The box I received to ship my phone back in didnt come with tape. I put my iphone 7 plus in and told the fedex driver I needed to go find tape. He said he would tape it, I didnt refuse because I didn’t want to sound mean (he looked like a sweet old man). Does FedEx drivers have tape with them? How likely is it that I will lose my phone?

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  • 2 months ago

    Generally, if you're shipping something out in a box, and a FedEx driver says they have tape, more than likely, they have shipping tape.  A box has to be taped to stay closed, so it's highly likely that he taped the box shut with the phone inside of it, and shipped it to the address on the shipping label.

    Also, boxes that you receive for shipping items, generally don't come with tape, you have to have the tape.

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