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How do you sneeze while wearing a mask?

As its really impossible to do so, so I always take it off, as otherwise your mask gets covered inside by sneeze stuff, so you can then not wear the mask at all. Isits best to temporarily stop wearing a mask for a few seconds while you sneeze outside it than take it off completely when its ruined. For some reason I get people telling me not to sneeze without mask on. 

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    Can't believe the answers you're getting!

    What exactly do you think the purpose of the mask is?

    You should have multiple masks so that when one is soiled you can replace it with a clean one.


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    Sigh. Yet another troll ...   

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    Personally I would lift it, sneeze in a tissue, then replace it as quickly as I could, facing away from anyone if possible.

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    Remove your mask, sneeze into your hand or elbow, or a tissue.  Wash your hands before putting the mask back on your face.

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  • If you have to remove your mask, sneeze into your arm, or away from other people. Or keep some Kleenex on you and use that. Don't know how to sneeze / cough into your arm, look it up. If you have to use your hands, use hand sanitizer or wash them. You shouldn't sneeze with out trying to cover your mouth and nose. 

    If you're out side and physically distancing your self, then just let it rip. 

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