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Is this troubling behavior?

Four months ago a family with a little girl our Son's age moved in   Dillon and Kelly became instant best friends  They are each eight years old   I recently learned a troubling thing with the kids

Kelly always wear dresses or skirts but never have I seen her act unladylike   I do know that at home at night she wears a short nightgown.  She likes to wear nice underpants and then can show them off   Normal around  family

Well is troubling is Kelly yesterday got in trouble and was given a spanking..   I heard Kelly ask Dillon if he seen?  

I learned that Kelly told our son not only that she was going to be getting a spanking but how he could see her satin white underpants when she was over Daddy's lap.   The child did this twice before!

Is this troubling that a little girl would want to let a little boy to see her pretty panties?   Like show me yours and I will show you mine? 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you are sure that is her intent than yes it is a bit troubling. They are children and she just might want the attention of feeling pretty to your son. Your son needs to be taught boundries and keep an eye out for anything more physical.They are very curious at this age!

  • Tj
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    2 months ago

    Oh, your back asking this again?

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