Tax Vs. Coupons in Retail?

I live in Florida where taxes tend to build quickly. I work in retail and Im familiar with using coupons and rewards often.

Occasionally, I’ll have a $5 coupon or reward for a transaction less than $5. When applying it, since the total balance is brought to $0.00, it no longer charges tax in the system. Is this legal or should there be any sort of minimum payment?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    imo it must legal ... because the coding for your cash register would be correct. [However, there might be a "twist" if the coupon says "the coupon cannot be used to pay the tax."]  In my state there is a different tax application for coupons that are manufacturer's coupons (usable anywhere) and coupons issued by the store and only good in the store / (the named chain of stores).

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