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Is it nice living with siblings ?

Me & my siblings once did live together when we were all kids going to school their would be fights all the time at home 20 years later we all moved out now they only believe in themself. Im the youngest out of my 8 siblings they treating me very mean they just keep saying you need to be independent start living on your own or be homeless they dont care at all I mean damn I have 8 siblings & none of them care to help.... That hurts my heart I mean being the youngest you dont know whats going on then out of no where all my siblings start treating me like this im not prepared all my siblings were prepared they all help each other when we were living together they all got helped from each other but none of them cares to help me they all left me behind they dont even care if I die or become homless thats how evil they are. They all got help accept me they not helping me drive me to get my dmv they wont help me get my own place hell they wont even let me live with them & they all have their own place they trying so hard to make me be independent but this is not the way If I ever become independent im going to change my name & run away they hurt me to much. 


I always wondered how is like living with your siblings without parents telling you what to do is it awesome ? But guess that will never happen with me because all my siblings are a$$ hole......

Update 2:

When I go to friends place or see families together it makes me sad knowing I will never know this happy loving caring big happy family..... Sometimes I cry in bed just thinking wishing I had a nice happy family.... 

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    6 months ago

    Hell no. My sister is nothing but a worthless little bítch who only exists for me to argue with her. I wouldn't even care if she died right now.

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