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how do i start again?

so, I always workout but i had to stop due to a surgery on my chest and right now I wanna get back on track but i'm not sure if i should be doing the same workouts as before the surgery as for i think i've lost some of my strength.. any suggestions/tips? thanks!

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    First, contact your surgeon and make sure you are cleared to start exercising.  As them about your previous routine and also meeting with a physical therapist to make sure you are moving forward safely.

    It is obvious that anyone who has "laid off" working out for several weeks needs to cut way back from their previous routine and weights.  Without knowing what your condition is or why you had surgery, I'd suggest you start with some low to moderate cardio just to get your conditioning up.  The next step would be some kind of body weight workouts like squats, pushups, etc. with any modifications needed or recommended by a PT and or yoga or stretching to get your range of motion back. There may also be exercises you can do with a resistance band and or small hand weight.  Slow and steady wisn the race here.  

    Once you're cardiovascular stamina is back to "normal" and you've regained range of motion, you can start back to a routine of some kinds, but with much lower weights.  Just as you did when you started training, you slowing increase weight, reps, and sets as your strength returns.  

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