Friend troubles ?

I am friends with Jen for 10 yrs. She sees me for my birthday and gets me gifts every year.

So naturally when her birthday comes, I want to celebrate with her too. But I notice that most years for her birthday I never really celebrate with her. 

Today I spoke to Jen and asked if she was doing anything for her birthday. She said no but we could do something small. I said ok and we hung up the phone. 

 Later our mutual friend sent me a text to tell me that they are having a birthday brunch for Jen. I asked if this was a surprise or if Jen knew. The friend said she knew.

I called Jen and decided to confront her about it. I asked her if she didn't want me there? She said "Mary is going to be there and I know you don't get along with her so I didn't mention it" 

She also said I don't really plan/celebrate my birthday and she said she didn't even think of the brunch. 

 I continued to feel insecure that she didn't want me there. But eventually she started to cry because she told me that her birth was out of wed lock and in her culture it is frowned upon. I immediately said sorry and how I didn't know.

She said in her culture they don't celebrate birthdays. She also said she hated her birthday. 

My question is this, I believe her when she started crying, but it's confusing with the birthday brunch? Did she not want me there or was it just not a big deal to her? 

I care about her that's why I wanted to celebrate but it's a little confusing. What do you think? 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Just buy her a mini gun, a grenade launcher, a gun and a knife.

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