Can I get my entire paycheck withdrawn in nickels?

W/ the collapse of the union and impending decent into civil war and dark ages looming, what with covid, brother turning against brother over masks, police issues, riots, protests, explosions in the middle east and whatnot, I was wondering if you have any pros and cons for doing this. I’d like to read before the lights go out and the internet is gone for good.

Here’s what I have so far:

1) after the collapse of the global economy and lack of any money and we are bartering again, a nickel will go a long way. One nickel could be cut into pieces like colonial days and buy lots of food, clothing, etc.

2) nickels in a mattress hidden away > dollars hidden away. They won’t burn if your house is lit on fire and it is darn hard to move/steal a mattress full of nickels as opposed to dollars.

3) nickels can easily be weaponized in a jam, from a roll of them used as makeshift Brass knuckles, to throwing lots of them at somebody like ninja stars, or dropping quantities of them off your roof onto would be invaders. (This would either hurt them or cause them to simply take some, fill their pockets, and run away.)

4) nickels can easily be melted down and smelted or melted into other items like knives, swords, bullets, and/or even car parts and other useful household gadgetry and tools. These items can be bartered with, too.

For now I want to withdraw a portion of my paycheck each month as nickels and put in a jar. I’ll do more if the world gets much worse and fill my bathtub.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    Depends how much is your paycheck, but I highly doubt you can get that much. I highly doubt the bank have like $800+ of nickels 

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