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If I file my taxes Quarterly, do I still need to file (separate)sales and use tax as well? California ?

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    You don't state what kind of tax you are asking about.  In California, Sales an Use Tax returns are filed quarterly. This has no relation to any other kind of tax.

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    Yes, income tax and sales and use tax are separate;

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    You may be paying quarterly state income tax estimates, but you still have to file the year end Form 540.  

    The sales and use tax is completely different.  If you are not in business and do not have a sells permit you can show your sales/use tax on page 4 or 5 of the Form 540.  

    If you are in business selling items with sales tax added, or buying items for resale, you should contact and set up an account and make your quarterly sales/use tax payments there. 

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    They are two different taxes.

    Income taxes are paid to the Franchise Tax Board

    Sales and Use taxes are paid to the Board of Equalization 

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