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Who gets bullied or women?


That's not true, ydni. Men bully women more than other women

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    Bullying is damaging no matter who the victim. Women are more likely to be bullied and experience unwanted sexual advances while men are more likely to be yelled or sworn at. 

    Male on male bullying tends to be overt and more apparent to others and as such it is often easier dealt with within an organization. 

    Male to female bullying remains an ongoing issue and often the behaviour also constitutes gender-based discrimination and/or sexual harassment exposing the organisation to the risk of multiple claims.

    The propensity for someone to engage in bullying behaviour is not gender specific, but what is gender specific is how that behaviour is likely to manifest itself.

    Three out of 10 teen girls are bullied. That's according to a new survey of more than 180,000 students in grades 5 through 12 from 37 states. One in four students experiences bullying. But it might not be the most helpful way to think about bullying, because certain students are especially vulnerable, and need extra protection.

    Girls are bullied more often than boys 30 percent of girls experience it, compared with 22 percent of boys. Students who identify their gender in any other way have it worst of all, and are twice as likely as their peers to be bullied. Across all those groups, students say they were bullied most often because of their race, sexual orientation, or the way they look.

    No matter the reason for it, bullying is bad for everybody. Victims are at greater risk for anxiety and depression, and the bullies themselves have a higher risk of substance abuse and becoming abusive and violent later in life.

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    Men bullying women is more.

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    5 months ago other women.

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    Women bullying other women is what I see the most 

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    Women as far as I have seen cause women are hated beings worldwide. It’s a sexist and misogynistic world. 

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    Everyone can be bullied.  I don't know who is more or less likely to be bullied.  Either way, the affects of bullying can last for many years.

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