Toshiba screen mirroing by Microsoft?

Hi there! First of all i want to say that any valid answer will get a positive vote.

Now, thanks for reading and trying to help me out. My dad bought a Toshiva TV, and i can't seem to find a way to use my phone as a screen mirroing device. I found that Microsoft has an app, but when i try to download it it shows me this (first image).

Now, i don't know why it does say this, because when i check ''my devices'' window, my phone shows there... 

I need help by someone showing me how to fix this or an alternative to this app, as long as it allows me to do the screen mirror thing, i'm good... 

Thanks for reading and thanks a lot of you help me :))

Have a great day and stay safe.

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1 Answer

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    5 months ago

    your TV has to SUPPORT screen mirroring to use it for that. if not, then you need either a Chromecast or AppleTV device (depending on your phone).

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