Bf tells me ‘I bet no one has ever said no to you have they?’ And he says ‘I’m not going to fall at your feet’?

Why does he say things like this? 

He also teases me and calls me a princess sometimes

I guess I get that comment from other people too.

And it’s true that I get my way with things for example with my family. But I don’t manipulate or do this to people on purpose

My new bf acknowledges this behavior and on purpose he denies me things. For example if I ask him to get me something, on purpose he refuses to.

Is that bad behavior?

I’m trying to change myself and not be so princessy. But I feel like he’s been mean to me on purpose and saying no to things etc just to create conflict 

Is that normal behavior on his part? 

Please note I don’t do anything to be mean or manipulate anyone on purpose .. 

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