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Bill asked in Social ScienceGender Studies · 5 months ago

Feminists, do you realize that the high single motherhood rate is actually your fault?

I see report monkey is still online. Once again report monkey, I can do this all day. Keep trying though. lol


A whole two minutes, report monkey? Oh come now, you can be faster than that. Go on, get the question deleted. 

Update 2:

@Christian: That's true. A woman that has been around doesn't have a lot of value for a man looking for someone to spend his life with. 

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Yup, the report monkey reported a question I asked about ten hours ago. They probably thought I went to asleep and wouldn't notice. The thing they don't know is that I only sleep an hour or two a day.

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The total motherhood rate of the 1950's is simply not comparable to the single motherhood rate of today.  Today every single race demographic has a single motherhood rate in the double digits. There is no reason to suspect that domestic violence and incarceration are leading factors in the increase rate of single motherhood especially considering the crime rate of men has declined since the 1960's.

Update 5:

Divorce however is likely a leading cause in the increase of single motherhood, but of course that doesn't make feminism not at blame since they fought to make divorce easier and in fact with the help of laws that they help pass divorce has become a leading factor in men not wanting to get married at all. 

Update 6:

Poverty is also an interesting thing to mention considering that feminists have undermined the economic well being of men for about fifty now. When men are poorer and less capable of supporting a family they will in turn be less likely to stay and be an involved parent. This pattern of behavior from men is consistent throughout history as men been less likely to support a family when they are not capable of doing it on their own.  

Update 7:

*total single motherhood rate, not the total motherhood rate. lol

Update 8:

A medical insult, eh? Wow, I must have really gotten to you if you went through all that trouble. Of course, you ignored a lot about what you posted in order to insult me like how the issue has to be long term to cause any of those issues, but whatever enjoy yourself. 

Update 9:

@Zirp: You're pretty annoying with your sh*it. Shut up. 

Update 10:

@Green Puffin: Women that had to go it alone is counted in single motherhood statistics from the 1950's. Why would it not be? For that matter, "benefits" as you call them didn't really exist for single mothers in the 1950's.

Update 11:

Marriage rates are also down and the average age of first getting married is up. While its true many people get married to early, it's also true that was happening in the 1950's. Does your point really hold up, you think?  

Update 12:

Before Roe v. Wade number of abortion a year was about a million, while today the number of abortions is about six hundred thousand. That's a decrease of four hundred thousand. Are you saying decreasing the number of abortions by four hundred thousand would help cause an increase in single motherhood? How does that work?  

Update 13:

It's sloppy at best to say a lack of condom usage and birth control usage is a leading factor in the increase of single motherhood. Contraceptive use has gotten more common since the 1950's with more choices and people being more likely to use them. If anything it should have caused the single motherhood rate to decrease, not increase.

Update 14:

I think you're trying to wiggle around the point by redirecting focus on liberal rhetoric that doesn't hold up to statistical data or a comparison between the time before second wave feminism and now. 

Update 15:

Feminism was started by rich women that had the support of their rich husbands. The women that your movement likes to suggest were angry about their life were not part of feminism in the early days. In fact, feminism still to this day is a movement that rich and other well off women support, while the poorer women in the country generally don't care about feminism and don't call themselves a feminist. Feminists is and has always been a movement of elitist well off women. 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I'll consider admitting the "perfect" foundations of the nuclear family were "ruined" by feminism when men admit that their misogyny, consistent arrogance, trash behavior, and loose grasp of "fairness" brought about feminism.

    Feminism and similar liberation efforts will persist because the nature of man will persist. *shrug*

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I ignored the rest of your whinging. But your admission that you only sleep two hours a night says much about the problems you labour under.

    They are why you have such difficulty  reasoning, remembering, losing those extra seventy kilos, and getting an erection.

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    5 months ago


  • Zirp
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    5 months ago

    You can whine about "report monkeys", but the fact remains that questions about the answerer are violations of the guidelines and can be reported as such (by users, as there is no "staff").

    If men don't take reponsibility for the child they sire, that's not the fault of the feminists.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Single motherhood is not something to be proud of. Those households are disproportionately very  poor. That’s a fact. Children growing up in single mom households are over-represented in crimes and prisons. Two parent households that have both mom and dad are the best. Google the book “Life without father”.

  • 5 months ago

    Hi Bill, I don't agree with your question.  Both men and women together are to blame for single parenting.  Too many people are getting married before they've actually known each other, ie getting engaged after 6 weeks.  Some girls and women refuse to use effective Contraceptive and many men refuse to use condoms.

    You can't compare the 1950's with today, they were completely different era's.  In the US and until recently Ireland, girls or women who became pregnant but weren't able or capable of becoming mother's couldn't have abortions.  Their only choices were either 'back street' botched jobs, leaving them infertile, bleeding to death or in incredible pain.  Or going through the pregnancy and giving up their baby.  Or living alone relying on Benefits, but living in poverty.

    I couldn't be bothered to read all your updated statements as too many droned on about 'report monkey's'.  Anyhow you are sexist and hold very outdated views.Plus the 'report Monkeys' remove my questions too, but I do have a life outside YA and can't be bothered with re posting, usually the majority of the answers I get are totally sexist idiots like you too, and what do I care about sexist morons anyhow.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Maybe if you didn't spam this website with a bunch of chat like this that's just blindly accusatory and not even a question in of itself, staff wouldn't feel the need to take your questions down every time whenever it gets reported. I'm not anyone who's reporting you and I hate to break this to you but reporting a question yourself and trying to have it taken down almost always requires more than one person on this site, especially if it's usually super quick like you said. You know they actually have to have someone sift through these reports, right? Maybe you're not actually a victim and you're just obnoxious lol. Stop whining I'm begging you this is all I see from you nowadays and I'm so tired of hearing about "report monkey". I don't care oh my god I do not care.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Death and abandonment are not the major reasons for single mom families. Death, abandonment, poverty were there before the 1960s too. But single-parent households were very rare.

    Divorce is THE main reason for the rapid rise of single-mother families in the last 50 years. Seventy percent of the divorces are initiated by women. Spain’s divorce rate is 65 percent. There is no *******  way 65 percent of the marriages are abusive that warrants divorce.

    The sexual revolution and reckless premarital sex during that same period are also responsible.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Some really evil report monkeys wait for several hours or even days to remove your posts hoping you don't notice it.  Monitor your posts to make sure they remain on this site, especially the ones that you think will be targeted

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Report monkeys are Orwellian bullies. They expect that if they remove your posts, you will not post that answer/question again. 

    Save a copy of everything you write here (especially the long answers and questions that took you so much time to compose). If they remove your answer, post that same answer again using your sock accounts. If your question is removed, ask the same question again. If they remove the question that contains your answer, then you ask a similar question and post that same answer again. Keep posting them again and again until the report monkey stops its monkey behavior. 

    This is the only way to deal with this problem until yahoo allows us to appeal.

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