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Why are American/Western women so hardworking?

Women in Western countries have a job and also look after their kids, family and home. Western women do everything on their own and they don't need anyone for their work. It seems like Western women are superwomen.

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    Yes it seems that way!  Though of course most Western women also have cupboards full of electronic gadgets that do most of the work for them or they employ Cleaners, Nannies and Gardeners and some of these women don't actually also work outside the home, they live off their 'Husbands' wages.

    Though of course there are plenty of women who do juggle full time work outside the home with part time parenting or part time outside the home work with part time parenting with no other hired or help from family members.

    If I were you, I would double check first that these women are really  as 'super' as they seem and watch a film like 'Gone Girl' and make sure that the woman you think is so amazing, is really 100% real and not just faking it!

    Source(s): part time worker part time parent and most certainly rarely ever up for 'Superwoman' status. Though I'm great at multitasking when cooking from scratch, ie chopping, stirring etc...
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    Women in the eastern world do all those things too. 

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    They are; when their the ones who niggle the most? You ought to hear them as to how they niggle about how their husbands don't help them and they have to carry most of the load. "Where's the equality? I thought it was 50:50; more like 75:25 with me being 25." Don't make me laugh. (I am Western and American)

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    "Why are American/Western women so hardworking?"

    Not to burst your bubble, but many American/Western women have nannies and domestic servants, (usually minority women), while many routinely use take-out food services.  A whole host of other "chores" are also contracted out very often.  

    Non Western women are still nominally in extended families though, so some of their extra burden is enjoyed with the other generations within their clans.  It's probably about even for all women everywhere.  It does seem that Western women are less happy though.  What was sold as "women's liberation" appears to have become women's burden to extend the riches of the corporate class.  Western feminism sold women a polished turd, and they bought it.


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    Not all of them 

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