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I'm an 18-year-old male and only about 5'4", is it possible I inherited some genes from my grandfather who is also short? ?

I'm around 5"4' probably a bit taller. To Me, it seems I stopped growing at 16-17 or still growing but only a very little bit that it's negligible. My grandfather is shorter than me (My mothers father) but my father is taller than me. Is it possible I inherited some genes from my grandpa? Was the lack of exercise part of the problem of my short height?  I only started working out/ taking physical exercise more seriously when I was 17, before that, I was quite weak and well below average, to be honest. (Right now I would say I'm about average strength). Thanks for taking your time and replying!  

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    why not worry about that after your fully done growing

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    Of course you inherited genes from your grandfather.  Both of them.  That's how it works.  Exercise doesn't make you taller.  

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    Of course.  You got 50% of your genes from your mother who got 50% of her genes from her father, right?  Your father also could have recessive genes that, combined with you mother's, result in shorter stature. 

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    Well, of course you inherited some genes from all four of your grandparents. Your parents would have inherited them and then passed them on to you.

    You carry genes that your most ancient ancestors carried.

    We don't get all of the genes our parents carry, but we do get some of them -- 50% from our mothers and 50% from our fathers.  That's means we get genes from our grandparents. So, since you certainly inherited a gene or genes for height, yours could have come from your grandfather.

    Poor nutrition can stunt growth but not lack of exercise, really.

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    It's a large gene pool.  You could inherit genes from any in that pool.

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    Yes about inheritance of genetics, including grandparents. Posture, as in standing tall, is an effect that is often fixable for appearance. Exercise can have some effect in stretching, but in growth years and can't be undone later. Some people have a growth spurt later, even at 18, but not commonly. Diet and nutrition, again, especially during growth years, can have an effect. Health issues can also have an effect.

    You can improve your appearance with a solid structure and muscle tone. Also, a good personality and good sense of humor does good things in attractiveness.

    It would be a lie to say that height isn't an advantage, but many things are more important. Some well known short men.

    Under 5'4" - Danny DeVito, Rick Moranis , Prince (Singer), Andrew Carnegie, Paul Simon, Dudley Moore, Jason Priestley, Davy Jones, Ludwig van Beethoven, Martin Scorsese

    5'4" - Michael J. Fox, Mahatma Gandhi, Joe Pesci, 4th US President James Madison, Richard Dreyfuss, Seth Green, Pablo Picasso,  

    5'5" - Dustin Hoffman, Daniel Radcliffe, Mel Brooks, Nathan Lane, James Cagney, Peter Falk, Jerry Stiller, Woody Allen, Emile Hirsch, Harpo Marx, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Spike Lee, J. R. R. Tolkien, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne

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