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"The Jazz Piano Book" Harmony Question?


I'm reading the Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine. Harmony has never been my forte (plus I just recently got back to music) so there are a quite a few things that I don't understand, for example the chord in the picture. 

Can someone kindly explain me how is that a Gsus chord if it doesn't even has a G in it? 

In the beginning of the chapter, Mark says that the root of the sus chord is (or should be, or usually is?) at the bass in the left hand, so if I were to see this chord without the caption, I would probably... assume it's a Fsus chord? This "root at the bass" rule seems to be not at all a rule after all and that makes me really confused, lol.

Thanks in advance.

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    Yep it's a rootless chord or a rootless voicing.

  • Me2
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    The root has been omitted.  Assume it's played by the bass.  The author has provided examples of sus chords containing both 3rd and 4th intervals and, about this voicing, says, "You could play the fourth above the third ... but the result would be a much more dissonant chord."

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