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The name Jupiter for a girl?

Lately, I’ve really liked the name Jupiter for a girl. I know it’s more of a boy name by meaning, but it’s considered a unisex name, and I like it for a girl. I think it’s a cool name that’s a bit out there, but not extremely weird. I think it’s pretty and would be neat to be named after the largest planet. We can often see Jupiter in the night sky and I could show my daughter the planet she was named after. My partner likes celestial names and this is the only one that stuck for me.

Let me know what you think, respectfully please, I’m just musing name ideas :) if you like it, maybe give some middle name suggestions? I feel like Jupiter needs a simple, one syllable middle name. 


Edit: Yeah, the name means “Supreme God” so it is masculine but is classified as a unisex name. However, the names Madison and Addison are used as girl names even though they mean “son of Matthew/Adam.” I feel like the “son” part of those names make them more blatantly masculine than Jupiter.

Update 2:

It is classified on name websites as unisex. I’m not arguing with you. It’s literally classified as unisex.

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    I'm old-fashioned, so I'm not a fan of naming a child after a plant or planet or Romans gods, but times change.

    I've always suggested that if a parent is interested in trying a "kinda out there" name, they should use it themselves for a month in situations where their real names isn't essential and see how people react.  That's hard right now because we aren't milling about with strangers, but an example would be to use Jupiter when you order a take out meal or coffee and see how people react to it.  Is that the reaction you want your child to see every time they say their name or it is read or spoken?  If so great!  If not, then reconsider.

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    I gotta say, I don’t hate it. Kinda depends on your second name tho 

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    In theory, I think it’s a cool, unusual name. In reality, it’s too far out there. Besides, it reminds me of ‘Jupiter Ascending’. 

    As an alternative, Jupiter has many moons, plenty of which have female names. Perhaps one of them maybe an option.

    Elara, Callisto and Carme (long ‘e’) would be my top picks, but I’d go with Callista and Carme is a little too close to karma. And we all know the saying, karma is a...

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    I am not a fan of using Jupiter as a name for a human.  In fact, I think it's really dumb.  It's NOT unisex.  

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    Be aware that in 20 years time people will assume her parents were on drugs.

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    What on Earth were you thinking?

    This is ok for a Sun, but you should have Saturn down on Uranus and come up with something better.

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    Not keen

    Jupiter Grace

    Jupiter  sue 

    Jupiter Jen

    Jupiter  Leigh

    Jupiter Kate

    These are probably  terrible. It is hard for me to come up with 1 syllable girl names.

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    It's a cool name... I also like celestial/space-related names like the constellations. I agree that Jupiter would need a simple one-syllable middle name. Jupiter Ann, Jupiter Brynn, Jupiter Cate, Jupiter Dee, Jupiter Elle, Jupiter Faye, Jupiter Grace, Jupiter Kaye, Jupiter Lee, Jupiter Mae, Jupiter Pax, Jupiter Quinn, Jupiter Rose, Jupiter Skye

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    I think Jupiter is a great name. Middle names that could go with it are Eve, Blair, Rose, Fleur, and Quinn.

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    I think it's ridiculous

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    It's not more of a male name or unisex. Its masculine. The Roman God. Not Goddess. His Greek equivalent being Zeus. The Germanic being Thor. Literal translation in Latin being something like father of the sky.

    I don't think it suits anyone as a name, but least of all a female. It just highlights ignorance given to a girl, particularly if you're into astronomy etc. 

    In what sense "classified as unisex?" It's masculine.

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