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how to ask about sponsorship payment in email?

I worked with a company 2 years ago many times to promote their products on my youtube. and they paid me 1000 per video. now 2 years later they are asking me to continue working with them.

since it's been a long time, i want to know if they'll still pay this amount. so how do i ask if they are still paying me 1000 per video in a professional manner 


thanks to all that answered!

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    Indicate that you would like to continue working for them.  But you want to know what the current payrate is.  Is it sill 1000 per video or has it gone up?  (Show them you expect at LEAST that much to return to working for them.)

    There is nothing unprofessional about asking payrate when they make you a job offer.  It is expected that you would ask this at that time.

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    "I would be happy to resume the relationship, subject to agreement on the fee".

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    as per your your inquiry, I would be happy to continue working with you at the same agreed upon price.

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