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How to become famous for my own personality?

I want to be like Venus Angelic, but YouTube is too pathetic to get views because the stuff I love is back in 2010, not in 2020. I want Japanese people to notice me more than Americans though. I don't look like a doll, but I want to be myself and get views and have fans. Is it harder because I'm black? Can I lie and say I'm half Japanese?

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    It really doesn't work like that.  You can't choose to A) be famous and B) be famous only to a certain part of the population.  You need to examine your life and make a few decisions about your Youtube Life. There is an old adage that says "Do what you love and the money will follow."  So, do what you love and expect things wil work out right.  Now that said, there is also the story of Country Performer Conway Twitty.  He was a rock and roll singer who was getting no play (on the radio) until one of his lesser known songs began to be played on a country station. He moved to Nashville and retooled his entire onstage act to play to these fans and became one of the greatest Country Performers of his time. If he had insisted he wanted only rock and roll fans to enjoy his work, he may have faded to obscurity.  Again, do what you love and let them find you. Conway Twitty loved performing, but didn't let his own feelings and wants play into what the fans wanted. (Oh, and never lie.  The lie will come out and that will ruin you.) 

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    Ooooh, dude, noo. You shall know the right people and work on yourself.

    Not so easy.

    You should know the right people!

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    Start be creating interesting and useful content. Use keyords and tags wisely to get users to your content. If you are not producing great content you will not get viewers that convert to followers which become fans.

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    you want to be yourself, but you want to lie to people about who you are? that doesn't make sense!

    if you want people to like who you are, firat you need to like yourself, and be comfortable with who you are...

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    you care way too much about what other people think

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