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Which of these baby boy names do you like best?

Hi there,

I’m just looking for opinions on some of the names we have shortlisted for a baby we are expecting! We put a long list together and have whittled it down to a shorter list and now want some other people’s opinions. 

Also, our surname is Penrice.






Danny (or Daniel?)


Niall or Nile

Thanks for your help ;)

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  • Merry
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    6 months ago
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    Firstly... Congratulations 

    As for names .. My choice would be - 

    🔸Joe (or Joseph) Penrice 

    Flows well, a strong classic name that suits a little boy and a grown man. 

    🔸Ben (or Benjamin) Penrice

    Traditional - possibly a bit too much with Ben Pen

    🔸Daniel Penrice - Also flows well, a strong classic name that suits a little boy and a grown man. 

    In my opinion Xavier, Josh, Jasper, Mac & Nile don't have the same class or appeal as the other names.

    Good luck. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Jasper! It’s more unique but not in a weird bad way :)

  • 6 months ago

    Given your surname I’d recommend 1.Xavier 2. Daniel 3. Joe 4. Niall. 


  • 6 months ago

    Josh is a nickname for 'Joshua'. 


    Ben is a nickname for Benjamin'. 

    Xavier Yes!!!

    Jasper   Yes!!! 

    Danny (or Daniel?)   Definitely 'Daniel'. 

    Mac is the Scottish Gaelic for 'Son of .. ' 

    Niall or Nile Spelled as 'Niall' is Irish Gaelic (Erse) for Neil . In the Erse language it is still pronounced as 'Neil' NOT ' Nile'. 

    Fpr me it is 'McNiall' ; the 'son of Neil'. 

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  • Kevin
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    6 months ago

    Joe Penrice - flows well and it also ages well

    Josh Penrice - don’t like the similar endings Ben Penrice - doesn’t flow rhymes too muchXavier Penrice - flows well but others might have problems with pronunciation Jasper Penrice - not a fan but the names flow wellDanny (or Daniel?) - like Joe it ages wellMac Penrice- I like Mac for a little boybut not sure I like it for a manNiall(nye-al) Penrice -  love it uncommon, flows well and ages well

    Nile Penrice - some people may pronounce it niyl beginning rhymes with the start of night

  • 6 months ago

    Given your surname, I personally think that Joe or Josh Penrice sounds good. Would you go with the full names (ie Joshua and joseph) or just joe and josh?

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