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Why is my mouth dry whenever I wake up in the mornings?

I drink plenty of water a day; usually about four bottles, or three at the least. I always drink a bit of water before bed and I also always breathe through my nose throughout the day. I have no problems breathing through my nose and I prefer that over breathing through my mouth by far. I don't have any medical conditions that would cause this, and I'm almost 100% sure I don't breathe through my mouth at night because my mouth is always closed when I wake up, and when I open my mouth, it's dry. I also have braces. Could it just be the lack of saliva production due to the fact that I was asleep and not able to stay hydrated?

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  • laura
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    2 months ago

    I’d definitely see your GP, excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes. Take water to bed so you have a drink right by you, also through out the day try to avoid anything that might make you thirsty, things like crisps, nuts, anything salty basically. 

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