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Could someone please explain the whole rules for serving in tennis? ?

What if it's my first serve and my opponent manages to score? Do I get to do my second serve or does he serve now?

I just watched some pro and amateur videos and the serving confuses me a lot. Sometimes I'm sure he should be giving up the serve now but he serves so many times in a row. I don't understand when the serve switches. Please  help

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    Neither.  If your opponent returns the first serve you make in a game and you can't get it back, then the score is 0 - 15 and then you switch to the other side of the court and serve again.   If you win, that's your point so it would be 15 -15.   If he again returns and you can't get to the return, then the score would go to 0 - 30.    You switch to the other side again and if you win that serve, it would go to 15 - 30 and so on.    The only time you get a second chance at your serve on the same side of the court, is if you hit the net, so you'd hear the umpire say 'net, first serve'.   If your first serve after a net call goes out, then you get a second serve to that side.

    In a game, the server gets two lots of 4 serves. 

    Come to think of it, it is complicated - and hard to describe!!

    The server first serves to the left hand court, and then to the right (of him).   If he wins each serve, then the ultimate score would be 40 - 0 (love).  And the opponent gets to serve for a game, and so on.   If the score within a game goes to 40 - 40 (deuce) then the scoring goes Advantage ***  but if the opponent take the next point, the score returns to deuce.


  • You serve one game; in doing so you have to win 4 points and win by 2 points.  So 15, 30, 40 game.  If you're both at 40-40 then it's deuce.  You (or your opponent have to win by 2 points, so if you win the first point, you have to win the next one to win the game).  Once someone wins the game, the person returning serve then serves the next game until someone wins it.  And so on.

    Looking at the net, you serve on the right side, then left, then right, then left (switch after every point).  

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