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Can you cure OCD by yourself?

I’m trying to avoid taking medicine. For a long time now I've tried to overcome it myself. Nothing seems to work. Throughout the day I have to do certain things to make myself feel better. And if that doesn’t happen I feel like something bad will happen. I lose sleep at night because I also have to do certain things. All these things stress me out at times because I can’t overcome them even though I want to. I’d probably feel more at ease if I didn’t have this issue.

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    Not taking medicine is as silly as saying you have appendicitis but want to overcome it yourself. Being OCD has to do with the physical ways your brain functions. You can't just change that, any more than you could change crooked teeth without braces just by thinking about them. Stop letting this interfere with your life. 

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    All I can say is that there are useful self-help resources. How effective they are compared to seeing a professional I can't say. It's not an either/or thing. Therapists often recommend self-help to the people they're treating.

    If you go to the Amazon ad for You Are Not Your Brain by psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz, you'll see that people with OCD think very highly of this book. You can also hear the testimonials of readers on YouTube.

    As this article shows, Dr Schwartz developed a therapy for OCD that has been validated with brain scan studies.

    He's one of the many mental health professionals who believe in mindfulness. If you're interested,

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    There are definitely resources and ways you can help manage your illness but it would be better to see a professional as you may make things harder for yourself.

    I don't know what country you are in and your access to healthcare, but if you can't afford to have psychotherapy you should try phoning (or have someone phone on your behalf) a mental health charity. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

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