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Can someone please give me advice and/or tips on how to do chores when they seem overwhelming because of my anxiety?

I have an anxiety disorder but I try my best every day. I have 2 minimum wage jobs that I feel like are pretty easy for me to handle and I also help my mom a lot around the house since my dad passed away. My main struggle is sometimes the chores seem so overwhelming. I seem to usually be fine at work and at home as well but when my anxiety flares up I'm worried and overwhelmed even over small chores like washing a few dishes. What can I do to lessen the anxiety and try to get the chores done? 

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    What I do is I try to think of the positive side of doing chores like once I do them they'll be done and I'll have a clean house and clean dishes or clean laundry and I just do it and get it over with. I try not to think about anything else but doing the chore and just do it because I know if I allow myself to think I won't wanna do them because old bad memories will pop into my head that will make me depressed again and I won't want to do it or I just won't feel like doing it or anxiety will come to my head. I know dishes have to be done every day, but with everything else, I would just do one chore each day of the week. I have a studio apartment and what I do is I do my bathroom one day, then dust the next day, then vacuum the next, then do my kitchen and bathroom floors the next, and then do my kitchen counters the next. And laundry the next and dishes are whenever I dirty any. Hope this helps. 

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    Try listening to some music 

    And while your doing the chores think of something else don't exactly think of the chore.  try to think of positive things like goals things you want to do later on that day or tomorrow.or you could always call a friend family member or watch a video or something..hope this helps 

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    Are you being treated for this disorder? You seem to be functioning pretty well. When I have an overwhelming task, or a pile of work, it helps to "trick" myself. I tell myself that I'm just going to work on it for 15 minutes. I can stand 15 minutes of just about anything. Sometimes, I do stop after 15 minutes and do something else. But often, once I get started, my anxiety decreases, and I keep on for longer.  You can also try rewarding yourself with something you enjoy- "I'll wash these dishes and then have a nice hot bath." "I'll just sweep up the floor, and then have a cup of tea on the porch." 

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