Best Low-Sodium Cookbook?

My dad is trying to lower the sodium in his diet after his last physical. I'm looking for a cookbook that would offer recipes all things! He mentioned things like taco sauce, bread/buns are super high...dishes, sauces, etc.

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  • 2 months ago

    you don't need special recipes, just stop putting salt in everything.

    Sauces and gravies are all high in sodium. HAve him eat simpler. A baked potato with sour cream and butter is much less sodium than mashed with gravy. If he makes a simple fresh salsa and uses that as taco sauce, he will have terrific flavor and far less salt than any other sauce. In general a low sodium diet means eating roughly 2000mg of salt a day.  Using fresh foods really helps and still leaves you those 2000mg for things like bread.

  • kswck2
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    2 months ago

    Folks used to say that cooking with sodium was BAD. And food was bland. And then suddenly you Can cook with sodium. Now there is your Dad's problem. And Sodium s Bad again. Not to worry though. 

    So go to the store and buy one bottle of Mrs. Dash's Salt Free seasoning. Look at the label. Now keep in mind that in the US, ingredients must be listed with the one used the most first, and then the 2nd most, etc. Then buy the ingredients in bulk and make it yourself. 

    THEN, buy the cookbooks that cater to a Low Sodium diet and use those seasonings. 

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