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Liverpool FC - Why English football commentators always go on about "KOP" End?

A couple of English clubs have kop ends but the commentators for some reason at Liverpool always bang on about the kop and, scoring at the kop end etc but you'll rarely hear that ie spurs new ground or Elland Road etc

Why is that? 

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    Liverpool were NOT the first team to have a Kop despite what stupid people and their supporters will tell you.

    The history of the name Spion Kop is the thing to look at; this if from Wikipedia’

    The first recorded reference to a sports terrace as "Kop" related to Woolwich Arsenal's Manor Ground in 1904.

    A local newsman likened the silhouette of fans standing on a newly raised bank of earth to soldiers standing atop the hill at the Battle of Spion Kop, during the Boar war in 1900.

    Two years later in 1906, Liverpool Echo sports editor Ernest Edwards noted of a new open-air embankment at Anfield:

    "This huge wall of earth has been termed 'Spion Kop', and no doubt this apt name will always be used in future in referring to this spot."

    See, Liverpool have ALWAYS been a team that takes something that other teams do and bend it to make it look like they are some kind of trail blazer club. Chants, scarves and those old Ratchets that were used are all things Liverpool tell the world they brought into football, which is not the case.

    The media make a big deal about it because Liverpool have a strong PR department and the media love them for that.

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    the old spion kop was the best,  it came down sometime in early 1994 and was replaced with an all seater.

    before you could stand up and it was awesome. firecrackers, flairs,  huge banners, chequred flags,  even bigger flags,  kopites telling you to f**k off.... such great days lol

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    Liverpool Kop is full of Bellenders, nothing more,nothing less 

  • Because they were the first to have it, plus they don't have a new stadia (Spurs, Arsenal, Citeh) and because unlike Leeds and Citeh they didn't spend a decade-plus wallowing around in the lower divisions.  Because other than adding seats (rather than having it be standing only) due to Taylor report requirements, it's largely unchanged.  They haven't sold the name (Citeh, Arsenal) to some Petro-state airline.  

    Because it is special.  When you go to Anfield (especially on a European night), you'll understand.  It's just different.  You can't manufacture this stuff, which Citeh has tried (and failed) to do.  

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  • jealous are we?,  in short because it has greater fame and prestige , and don't blame me for that it's simply  a perceived fact..

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