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Hacking facebook?

I have a protective order against ex.  Reset phone to factory settings.   I got new google account.  I did however about a week later checked my old email and left it open.  Just two days later I get this notification google lock with his email addrezs show up .  What is that???  It just flashed across my screen and vanished.  And now my new friend I been secret messaging stopped looking at my secret messages.   I tbought he ghosted me but suddenly he sends message to my phone  just hello and I answer and he never answered back again.  The odd hello in not our normal communication way makes me think something is up.  And now my secret messager says that I removed a device.  My ex is a computer programmer but I know nothing about it.  Would these all be signs of him hacking our stuff.  I would call the new guy and ask if he's ignoring me but that's just weird.....

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