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If I start a business online, I'd just be a small fish in the ocean. How exactly do I get to a high level?


Anon, do you say that because I am comtemplating too much and not going all out confidently? Or are you just a random hateful toxic person?

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     You get to be successful in ANY business by doing the same things: (1) provide goods or services people want and need and (2) being trustworthy and safe for people to buy from you online. Without knowing what sort of business you want to start, that's the only advice you can get here. 

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    4 months ago

    Get working hours for US store

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    I agree the niche markets do help.

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    Everyones is trying so why not you? Aint it.

    The way I look at it is this way,

    If you try there are two possibilities, either you will make it big or you wont. Well if you dont make it big, the best part is you tried....

    But imagine you made it ... then you'd be happy that you listened to me. 

    Now about you being a small fish in the ocean. Everyone starts small but doesnt mean that should scare you. Even as I am typing this answer there is a new company laying the foundation, another company applying for seed funding. 

    Last part to the answer, how do you make it big. Pick the right mentor, its very important that you have mentor so you get the right guidance. 

    Second, bootstrap... do all the basics on your own... learn marketing and sales.. At start you are the marketer, the salesman, the janitor or whatever hat you need to wear.

    believe its not hard.. people are just lazy and hence deem it as success being a hard thing, just be dedicated. 


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    Ok, You start an on line business selling 'No Parking' signs.

    Lots of places sell them.

    But...unlike a 'brick and mortar store...where people drive by and walk by and see your signs in the window...when you first start your on line is as if your 'store' is: the basement of an abandoned building, and the building has boarded up windows, and the building is  covered in camouflage, on an island that is heavily wooded, in the middle of a fast moving river.

    There is no dock and there is no boat.

    NOW on top of order to even get  to the shore of the river, you have to go through a huge fancy shopping center, and this shopping center has at least 3 of every store that sells everything.  In front of each store are people telling you how great it is and handing out discount coupons that give you 20% off if you come in.

    If you get through the shopping center then there are guards that tell you where you are going may  not be secure and there is nothing to find there.

    Basically...the only way anyone is going to find you on that island is if they have the address and a boat of their own.

    You need a ferry; you need a bridge.  You need advertising!

    So to get people to come to your shop, you advertise.

    Good: You can pay people to hand out fliers.

    Better: You can pay a company to mail out fliers. (You got a ferry that makes the trip twice a week)

    Very Good: You can collect email addresses and send out advertising.

    A LOT Better:You can hire  a marketing service to send out your advertising in a packet with other advertisers. (now you have a bridge that is open to foot traffic and scooters)

    Excellent:  You do research and discover the places that will most likely need no parking signs and you first mail them fliers, then follow up with an email promotion and then offer a discount to people who sign up for email alerts on your website.

    BEST: You do all of the above, and in addition to that, you make short videos about how effective your signs are; how durable your signs are; how 'safety promoting' your signs are, and how much better people will feel  when they use your signs. You put those on your website and on You Tube...and you hire a marketer to make certain you come up on the first page of search engines..ALWAYS. (Now there is a for lane boulevard leading to the island...people don;t even realize it is an island any more!)

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    Focus on niche markets.

  • fcas80
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    6 months ago

    Advertise, get buyers to provide positie reviews.  

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    6 months ago

    You have essentially no chance. Sorry.

    Yes, just a TRUTH TELLING random hateful toxic person.

    But feel free to try.

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