Rollercoaster Operators: Has anyone ever tried to get on your ride that is noticeably pregnant? How did you stop them or try to stop them?

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  • LizB
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    I didn't work a rollercoaster, but did work a thrill ride intense enough to have an advisory warning for pregnant individuals or other major health concerns. We were instructed that if we saw a visibly pregnant woman in line for the ride, we were to inform her that it was a thrill ride and we could take her off if she wanted, but if she insisted on riding that we were to let her. I only had it happen once and the woman insisted she would be fine, so I let her ride same as any other guest.

    IMO, the policy the park I worked for was the correct one. Pregnant women do not need to be infantilized or patronized, they only need to be informed enough to make decisions for themselves. While I personally did not go on any thrill rides when pregnant, I don't believe it's the place of any attraction operator to forbid a pregnant person from riding -- the *only* exception being if the pregnant person's body does not allow for safety restraints to be properly fastened. But that's true of any rider, pregnant or not.

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